Tools for 2019 Affiliate Marketing

Best Tools for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

I have pulled together some resources and materials that you need for affiliate marketing.

This site has from Via eMarketer is packed full of tools, information, and knowledge.  Check it out and leave a comment below!

31 of the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Needs to Know

One of the reasons why marketers love affiliate marketing is because it is easy to measure. Maybe that is why a lot of money is getting spent on it. By 2020, spending is expected to reach $ 6.82 billion.

Source: Via eMarketer

More investment in affiliate marketing means more workload and an increase in the need for affiliate marketing tools and software.

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10 Best Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins for WordPress

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Are you an affiliate marketer? Looking for the best affiliate marketing tools for WordPress? In this article, we will share 10 best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress to help you maximize your earning potential.

ThirstyAffiliates is the best affiliate link management tool for WordPress users. It allows you to easily manage your affiliate links inside your WordPress blog. You can quickly insert links into posts, cloak links, auto-insert links, and even see how each link is performing on your site.

You can also sort your links into categories which provides an easy way to organize your affiliate networks. For more details see our guide on how to add affiliate links in WordPress using ThirstyAffiliates.

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The 27 Best Free Marketing Tools for Affiliates - GetResponse Blog

Oh, you brave affiliate marketers. Trying to outdo major corporations with only your passion, hard work and marketing savvy. It’s no little thing, what you’ve undertaken. You need all the help you can get. Just remember: One tool won’t make the difference between success and failure. But if you’re already on your way to success, a good tool can give you an edge.

We’ve compiled this list in the hopes of giving you as many edges as possible. Every tool listed here is free. To keep this list manageable, I have not included even one WordPress plugin. There are no apps, either. It was hard. But next week’s post will make up for some of the absence. It’s a roundup of the best and most essential free WordPress plugins.

So here’s your list, grouped by activity. If one of your favorite online tools for affiliates isn’t listed here, give it a shout-out in the comments.


1) Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer

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The 12 best free tools for affiliate marketers | Awin

Say ‘free’ and ‘tools’ to any affiliate marketer and watch their eyes light up with excitement. 

Everyone loves a marketing tool that makes life a little bit easier, and those that are free are icing on the cake. However, some tools are genuinely free, whereas others are only free for a limited period. When selecting them, make sure to check whether it is a free trial or if it is forever free.

Before you get too caught up in signing up for every free tool out there, let’s first consider what you need to run your affiliate marketing business.


It’s true, you can run an affiliate business without your own website, but why bother? Your website makes the process much easier while offering you more control over your marketing.

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